Monday, 23 April 2012

New colours from Nails Inc

So you all know that by now I am nail polish addict. If I could change every day I would but where does the time go? One of my favorite brands for nail polish is Nails Inc. I have had polishes from them which have lasted days without a chip. So what's new from Nails Inc? I'm glad you asked. First up is the neons. Perfect summer and creating a bold statement. These are the ones to really experiment with as they are so bright. They come in 6 different shades from a hot pink to a purple to bright green.

Here is me wearing the blue neon, Kensington Park Road. My next venture will be the coral neon as it suits tanned skins will go with olive tones perfectly.

If you are looking for a small gift for a beauty addict, try the Nails Inc Couture range. You can create a unique, tailor-made polish at Nails Inc. You select the colour you want, the cap and you even name it, for example I might name mine after me, Amanda Panda or the colour of the polish, Cherry Berry. Either way, it makes a nice little gift for a bridesmaid or a new mum. I dare you to make one called Yummy Mummy! Tweet me a pic if you do please!
An example of what you can create

They also have Nail Jewellery which is essentially nail glitter. It is one of the better glitter polishes I have seen. The glitter is all different sizes to give a shiny effect and there is a lot of glitter in it. In the past, I have polishes which claim to be glitter and maybe have one speck of the glitter so with this you get your money's worth. This is me wearing the incredible Baker street (Beyonce wore this when she first stepped out after having Blue Ivy) and silver nail jewellery. I changed it up a little by putting ' a ring on it'  and using blue nail jewellery. I could not make up my mind when I was having it done so I went for both. Looking at the nails now, I prefered the blue nail jewellery. It really looked amazing and would amazing on a night out.

So enough of the poor puns and jokes, I have to try right? Metallics are everywhere right now. In eyeshadows, in tops and now polishes. In honour of the medals, there are 3 chrome shades to support your team in this year's Olympics. A silver glitter, a bronze chrome and a gold chrome. Personally, I am in love with the bronze colour. Put me on a beach with this and I will be happy. Available in June.

So there is my marathon nail post. Anything catch your eye? Tell me in the comments.

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